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Portuguese-English Translation Forum

This is the place to post your translation requests in English or Portuguese and to help others with your skills and knowledge. Important: Always give the context of your enquiry!
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Voce tem dinheiro pra vir pra » answer
by Moses Weaka , 2018-01-05, 00:07  Spam?  105.176.157....
I don't understand this  » answer
by Ineedhelp?, 2018-01-01, 19:46  Spam?  207.237.49....
vcs sao e onde mano
Please can anyone tell me if this text is correct » answer
by mrtraslator, 2017-11-28, 22:54  Spam?  41.249.99....
Aviso importante
Em "Wiznet", trabalhamos para lhe oferecer a melhor atenção e o melhor serviço. Ao cumprir os regulamentos legais em vigor, as entidades financeiras devem ser cheias identificando nossos clientes, além de manter seus dados atualizados. Para poder seguir a operação normal, responda as questões do seguinte formulário.

Receba uma saudação cordial.
P » answer
by R, 2017-11-27, 02:46  Spam?  157.48.20....
Primeiro sentimento em você, quando eu vi você pela primeira vez ... Eu realmente amei sua parceria em cada momento algumas vezes eu sinto que tenho um presente de Deus? realmente você me mostrou um caminho diferente de sarrows .... realmente você é um ângulo do céu que eu já vi na minha vida .....
Video translation » answer
by JanaNekare (UN), 2017-10-23, 12:23  Spam?  
I don't know what this language he is speaking is. warning he yells at the end.
Locked down » answer
by Maninmanaus (IE/BR), 2017-09-05, 14:54  Spam?  
I need a Brazilian Portuguese translation for 'locked down', as in 'the city was locked down by the police'. Any help appreciated. At the moment I have 'travada'.
bloquear  #878449
by udr (BR), 2017-09-12, 18:09  Spam?  
transitivo direto
1 Rubrica: termo de marinha, termo militar.
estabelecer cerco marítimo e/ou terrestre, com forças militares, sobre uma base, área ou região, de modo a dificultar ou impedir as comunicações (entrada ou saída de víveres, meios, forças, pessoas etc.) com o exterior; sitiar; cercar
Ex.: piratas bloquearam a entrada do porto
transitivo direto
2 obstruir a passagem ou o trânsito
Ex.: <b. uma porta> <b. uma frota>
transitivo direto
Lead » answer
by DAnroyd (UN), 2017-08-31, 11:42  Spam?  

I write Manauls for a machine tool company and the latest requirement is for a Brazilian Portuguese version.
The Translation company have requeted that I send a Glossary of terms to them that can be interpreted in different ways, like Ram = Hydraulic Cyclinder not Male Sheep.

On I am struggling to translate is Lead.
Lead is the length of wrap around a helix as defined in Wikipedia(EN): Lead_(engineering)
Not the material, or the length or rope around a dogs neck or to get someone to follow to a destination.

Can you help me please?

Thanks you very much in advance.

Lead  #877993
by Maninmanaus (IE/BR), 2017-09-05, 14:40  Spam?  
Dan, Is the word you're looking for 'passo' (at least in Brazilian Pt)? Take a look at, where it gives the definition as "O PASSO, REPRESENTA A DISTANCIA PERCORRIDA EM UMA VOLTA COMPLETA,DO HÉLICE"

Hope this helps
Written to me by a  Brazilian female friend that lives in Brazil. » answer
by CHATO, 2017-08-22, 05:22  Spam?  174.255.137....
What does the Portuguese phrase "ate Amahã fica com Deus " mean?
by violasherly (UN), 2017-08-24, 08:35  Spam?  
I guess the answer will be - "until tomorrow stay with God" or "By tomorrow, stay with God" . May be you can link it according to the conversation
by Maninmanaus (IE/BR), 2017-09-05, 14:42  Spam?  
Yes - "god be with you until tomorrow."
I prefer Dave Allen's "May your god go with you." :)
Please help me translate this » answer
by Duinw, 2017-08-17, 16:15  Spam?  86.80.247...
Someone wrote me regarding a school course for her child, and said, “John, custa-me um bocadinho o Vitor ir para esta classe mas tenho que aceitar .Esta classe não tem ano o aluno avança conforme consegue eu vou colocar o Vitor na explicação em inglês, alemão e françês “

But I don’t understand.
1. I am not sure if  she is saying that the course costs a lot or does not cost a lot.
which is it?
Then I understand that she is saying that she has to accept and put Vitor in the class in any case.

But then I don’t understand again. She says, “Esta classe não tem ano o aluno avança conforme consegue eu vou colocar o Joao na explicação em inglês, alemão e françês”

I don't understand this at all, especially, "o aluno avança conforme consegue eu vou colocar o Vitor na explicação"

Could anyone help me with this?
Confused letter  #878108
by Maninmanaus (IE/BR), 2017-09-07, 05:38  Spam?  
Let's start with an attempt at an overall translation.

John, it's very expensive for Vitor to attend this class, but I have to accept it. This class is not year-specific - the student advances depending on performance. I'm going to put Vitor in the explanation in English, German and French.

The original is badly written, and the punctuation very poor. The last sentence I cannot understand at all.

In answer to your questions:

1. The course is expensive. You are correct in saying that she has no choice.
2. I believe she means that students advance based on performance/results rather than by year. There should be a full stop after "...consegue".
3. I cannot understand the sentence "I am going to... French."
Ajude-me, por favor! » answer
by amk77, 2017-08-10, 07:12  Spam?  99.63.161....
Hello, everyone! Would someone please assist me in translating "dondoquinhas"? I'm grateful for your help. Thanks!
by Maninmanaus (IE/BR), 2017-09-05, 14:51  Spam?  
Diminutive of 'dondoca', and can be offensive, depending on the context - in Brasil it is, colloquially, a rich, vain, idle, superficial woman - which is bad, I suppose, unless you happen to be a rich, vain, idle, superficial woman, or you like rich, vain, idle, superficial women...
Obrigado  #878017
by amk77, 2017-09-05, 17:14  Spam?  99.63.161....
Thank you very much, Maninmanaus. This was extremely helpful!
translate into English  » answer
by slyfrosh , 2017-07-29, 03:07  Spam?  105.112.32...
Esto assim
Best Guess  #876649
by Azoreskid14, 2017-08-17, 20:38  Spam?  69.92.148...
It depends on the context... People answer the phone in Portugal by saying "Estou, sim" which means, "I am (here), yes?" which is a literal translation, or basically, "I'm listening, how can I help?" A literal translation for "Estou assim" would be "I'm like this/that"
Translation  » answer
by Tammy2008, 2017-07-04, 21:23  Spam?  5.170.28...
"Hello! My name is Dean. I have Autism. If I am found alone please contact my mummy or daddy using the info on the back of this card."

"Thank you for your help. Dean cannot easily answer questions or understand instructions. He is 6 years old. If he is scared or upset he can be held or hugged."
Translate » answer
by Hot chommy, 2017-06-29, 23:45  Spam?  197.210.226....
Voce nao ten suadade para mi
Need interpretation from response on a ad » answer
by veski, 2017-06-02, 04:26  Spam?  50.171.89....
en quero manda para mi no brasil pasa telefone. need translation in english
Google Translate says:  #874658
by Cameos, 2017-07-23, 20:54  Spam?  108.66.86...
I want to send for myself in Brazil, do not pass the telephone
Google translate  #878109
by Maninmanaus (IE/BR), 2017-09-07, 05:43  Spam?  
Google is wrong...
...but so is the sentence.

The correct translation is

"I want to send to myself in Brazil pass the telephone."

Doesn't mean much, though. Perhaps it does to you...
What does this mean ? » answer
by E, 2017-05-24, 09:01  Spam?  172.56.2....
Eu odieo quando algo está errado com um amigo, mas não há nada que você pose fazer para ajudar
by pangerspol, 2017-05-29, 04:28  Spam?  24.147.119....
I hate when there is something wrong with my friend, and there's nothing that I can do to help him/her.
by Maninmanaus (IE/BR), 2017-09-07, 06:00  Spam?  
I hate when there is something wrong with a friend, and there's nothing one can do to help.
"eu gosto de quero ficar com voce" to English » answer
by m-e-j-d (UN), 2017-04-25, 20:29  Spam?  

I'd really appreciate some help with the following sentence:  "eu gosto de quero ficar com voce". I'm usually OK with Portuguese as I speak Spanish, but I don't understand exactly what this here means.  I understand "eu gosto" = I like, but the only translation I get for "quero ficar" is stay. Can someone please help me out and tell me what the complete sentence translates into?
by Pozzi, 2017-05-01, 09:57  Spam?  71.239.175....
I like wanting to stay with you.
In Portuguese gosto is always followed by de
by pangerspol, 2017-05-29, 04:43  Spam?  24.147.119....
That sentence is not right. Because there are two verbs at once in the sentence "gosto" and "quero".
So here are the two sentences that you can get out of it:

1) "Eu gosto de ficar com voce!"         -->         "I like to be with you!"

2) "Eu quero ficar com voce!"         -->          "I want to be with you!"      

Sentence #2 can also mean that he or she wants to be your boy/girlfriend.  And sometimes "ficar" can be used as a slang that means friends with extra benefits.
by Maninmanaus (IE/BR), 2017-09-07, 06:02  Spam?  
Pangerspol is absolutely right.
FOTOSEU » answer
by Manifestations, 2017-03-29, 21:55  Spam?  24.252.145...
eu mardas meaning?  » answer
by Eu mardas, 2017-03-13, 02:40  Spam?  222.111.26....
I saw a Portuguese 'Eu mardas', but any of dictionary says I don't know about that meaning.

What is a translation of that to English?
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